A photojournal of Ed's travels

Day Six – Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm is the other temple you’ve seen pictures of if you’ve seen pictures of Cambodia. It was used as a background in one of the Tomb Raider movies, and it’s tree-covered temples are pretty archetypal “abandoned ruin” material.

The French, God bless them, decided to leave Ta Prohm in a partially-overgrown state so the world could see what all the Khmer sites looked like when they first started documenting and restoring them.

The trees are enormous and fast-growing. Their roots will travel enormous distances to find soil and water. They look like anything but trees. Sometimes, they’re tentacles, or hands, or trunks of elephants.

It’s one of the more touristy spots, complete with photo platforms to have your picture taken at the most photogenic root, which we did.

So, after touring, the mothers decided to call it a day, and the Ambassador, Allan and I continued on to Preah Khan.


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