A photojournal of Ed's travels

Day Four – Angkor Wat

The day began with an early breakfast. Carol had to fly back to PP for a meeting, leaving us to fend for ourselves.  Luckily, she had recommended a great tour guide, Niv Vith, who spent the taking helping Mum up and down precarious flights of stairs and uneven ground. She was a trouper! Pictures follow…

The walkway into Angkor Wat.  The complex is surrounded by a moat 1.5 km square. This place is big! We got there early to beat the heat and crowds.

The place is still an active Buddhist shrine. The locals come to pray, take wedding snaps, and ask for help. The monks dress some of the Buddhas and burn incense.

The stonework is unbelievable.

We’re almost halfway in to the main complex and sweating bullets. High 80s, 90 percent humidity, and maybe 9AM.

So why not take a break and have some coconut water?

The mothers didn’t want to take the final 70 degree stairs up to the top level gallery. Allan and I did and enjoyed the view.

Mum and Lord Buddha

We were done by 11:30 and headed off to Chez Sophea for lunch. Mathieu tried his best, but couldn’t get Mum to try the dressing for the salad. Wow! What a meal.  I had the Amok fish!

Next stop, Angkor Thom!


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