A photojournal of Ed's travels

Day Three – the Palace

The big thing for today was going to be seeing the Royal Palace.  It was going to get hot finally, up in the 30s, so we marched off after breakfast and paid our money to see this:

It is impressive how different the Palace seems from the inside. We’d walked by it several times on our way downtown and it seemed kinda rundown and shabby, but once you got inside, wow!

The architecture is amazing. The decoration is rich and lavish and stunning.  And the grounds are pretty quiet first thing in the morning.

We got to see the throne room where Carol presented her credentials to the King. No photos allowed indoors (hmph!) but the outsides were worth it.

The grounds are littered with pagodas and stupas with the ashes of various kings. Some of the buildings are also covered with fading murals of epics.

Mum wanted a guide, so we got a tour of the grounds from a lovely Khmer guy with the strangest accent. “China” came out “Chiner”. I wondered if there as a Cambodian equivalent of a Boston accent.  I kept waiting for him to say “idear” or “anyways”.

One of the strangest features of the Palace is this weird building which look it fell from New Orleans and landed in Phnom Penh. Turns out it was a gift from Napoleon III to the Khmer king.

By 11:30 we were pooped and grabbed tuk-tuk home.  Chhona served another brilliant meal, and we packed for our trip up to Siem Reap. Allan and I nipped out to do a little last-minute window shopping, and at 3PM, our next adventure started.


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