A photojournal of Ed's travels

Day One – Around Phnom Penh

Allan was determined to watch the Spuerbowl, so we got up a little before 7AM, had breakfast with Carol and Niles, who was down from Battambang either, A) visiting his ancient mother, or B) visiting an Irish girl named Rose from Kildare whom he recently met.  The mothers were sound asleep, so we piled into the car and ten minutes later were watching the game on a big screen plugged into somebody’s laptop, streaming the game, because the only TV they got was the Armed Forces Network, which doesn’t air the commercials.  How bad was the picture quality, you ask?

Allan: Did he just throw the ball? Was that a pass?

Ed: Um…

It was fun to watch the game with people and have Allan make us Bloody Marys. Go Green Bay! Carol gave us the tour of the embassy, which is new and actually quite nice inside. No photo zone though, so you’ll have to take my word for it.  After that, Niles took us to the Russian Market to buy things we’d forgotten. Shorts for Allan, and a bathing suit for me.  We hopped in a tuk-tuk and that was really when our Cambodian trip started.

PP is a pretty nice town. The traffic was chaotic, but pretty sedate compared to other places I’ve been like India or Egypt. We saw many, many examples of people doing dangerous things on motorcycles, like transporting sheets of glass, elderly women, and stacks of compressed gas cylinders. Impressive stuff. Our shopping successful, we drove back to the Residence, had a swim and waited for the mothers to waken and Carol to come home for lunch. In our room, these had appeared, apparently to stop us fouling our nest immediately.

After a fabulous meal made by Chhona, we all set out with Niles as our guide to go see the National Museum, the Palace and the Silver Pagoda.

It’s unseasonably cold in PP, high 70s during the day. Darn!

The National Museum was marvelous. Windows wide open, no screens, tons of stuff all packed in with minimal interpretation in English, French and Khmer.

Cannon?! Mmm… It’s French, btw…

One more long walk back was about all we were good for, so we retraced our steps and got back to the Residence in time for naps before dinner.

Dinner was sumptuous – chicken curry served in hollowed out coconut shells and veggies.  A pretty excellent first day in Cambodia!





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