A photojournal of Ed's travels

En route to Cambodia

What a day! 3 planes, 21 hours of flying, and 7 or 8 movies later (I lost track…) we went from Boston to Chicago to Seoul to Phom Penh.  We made it out of Boston ahead of the storm, and got through Chicago without a hitch.


Man, flying the Asian airlines is such a blast from the past. Flight attendants in matching natty uniforms – skirts and silk blouses and scarves, lots of services, lots of food and water, and lots of choices for viewing.  It was about as much fun as 12.5 hours on a plane could be.  Mum and I were on the back of the plane, with a nice Thai gentleman sitting between us, poor sod.

When we landed at Seoul Incheon, I was ready to begin, not ready for another 5.5 hours in the air. Oh well.  At the least the airport was interesting. Huge, shiny, full of high-end shops and Koreans consuming.  A highlight was the place below.

They had several of them in the airport where you did traditional things. While we were waiting for our plane, a procession of some sort paraded through. Guys with glue-on beards, women in robes, and lots of swords and bows.  Like SCA goes to the airport. Very interesting. The guards looked like colorful Pilgrims with their tall hats.

Carol arrived while we were waiting, just back from her trip to D.C. for some State Dept. briefing.  We all flew to Phnom Penh together, and after seeing “Red”  for the third time that day, we arrived in Cambodia.  Carol’s staff met us at the gate, whisked us through Customs, got our visas sorted and piled us into an armored Embassy SUV and trundled us to the Residence around 10:30PM local time, or about 31:15 my internal time.  Tea and toast were served and everybody lurched off to bed.  So far so good…




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